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Gravity drives stopped working after 1.190

Solved Ekin D. Comments: 23 Reply 20 months ago by Sven R.
58 votes

Physics Server Crash v1.194.080

Solved slimeradio Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by Ondřej N.
55 votes

MergeBlock Server Crash v1.194.080

In Progress slimeradio 10 months ago No Comments
54 votes

WindTurbine Server Crash v1.194.080

Won't Fix slimeradio Comments: 4 Reply 3 months ago by Kateřina Č.
50 votes

SE still running in steam after exit.

Investigating Beacon o. Comments: 12 Reply 11 hours ago by Beacon o.
49 votes

Instability on Ryzen CPUs since update 1.194

Solved Justin Comments: 8 Reply 6 months ago by Keen S.
49 votes

particle.UserRadiusMultiplier is broken.

Reproduced – Awaiting fix bob s. Comments: 4 Reply 23 days ago by QA K.
49 votes

Ore Detector not working since update last week

Solved mad-rooky Comments: 26 Reply 14 months ago by Espen B.
48 votes

Surface boulders cannot be drilled with ship drills

Duplicate Engi Comments: 24 Reply 16 days ago by Kateřina Č.
48 votes

Falling through blocks on ships/station

Investigating Rhys R. Comments: 16 Reply 15 months ago by Bjarke L.
47 votes

Indestructable voxels, not always indestructable

Need More Information slimeradio Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Ondrej B.
47 votes

Character nonexistning

Solved Fred Comments: 83 Reply 9 months ago by Teh W.
47 votes

Thrusters Crash v1.194.080

Solved slimeradio Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by Ondřej N.
47 votes

Memory leak when mining with ship mining drills

Solved Rseding91 Comments: 11 Reply 18 months ago by Harold M.
46 votes

[1.187.205] Memory leak with mining

Solved Leshrack P. Comments: 7 Reply 2 years ago by Yeet M.
45 votes

Build Planner middle-click unable to withdraw from connected inventories

Reproduced – Awaiting fix SurprisingEdge Comments: 16 Reply 15 days ago by Ondrej B.
43 votes

[1.187.205] No Tracers/Sound On Modded Turret While MP Client

Need More Information Meridius_IX Comments: 7 Reply 23 months ago by Meridius_IX
42 votes
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