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Gravity drives stopped working after 1.190

Solved Ekin D. Comments: 23 Reply 17 months ago by Sven R.
58 votes

DefenseShields and other mods fail to compile on DedicatedServer

Investigating Shane S. Comments: 9 Reply 14 months ago by Roshag
58 votes

Physics Server Crash v1.194.080

Solved slimeradio Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Ondřej N.
55 votes

MergeBlock Server Crash v1.194.080

In Progress slimeradio 7 months ago No Comments
54 votes

WindTurbine Server Crash v1.194.080

Won't Fix slimeradio Comments: 4 Reply 19 days ago by Kateřina Č.
50 votes

Instability on Ryzen CPUs since update 1.194

Solved Justin Comments: 8 Reply 3 months ago by Keen S.
49 votes

Ore Detector not working since update last week

Solved mad-rooky Comments: 26 Reply 11 months ago by Espen B.
48 votes

SE still running in steam after exit.

Investigating Beacon o. Comments: 8 Reply 7 months ago by Francis M.
47 votes

Indestructable voxels, not always indestructable

Investigating slimeradio Comments: 2 Reply 19 months ago by Keen S.
47 votes

Character nonexistning

Solved Fred Comments: 83 Reply 6 months ago by Teh W.
47 votes

Thrusters Crash v1.194.080

Solved slimeradio Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Ondřej N.
47 votes

Memory leak when mining with ship mining drills

Solved Rseding91 Comments: 11 Reply 15 months ago by Harold M.
46 votes

Falling through blocks on ships/station

Investigating Rhys R. Comments: 16 Reply 12 months ago by Bjarke L.
46 votes

[1.187.205] Memory leak with mining

Solved Leshrack P. Comments: 7 Reply 21 months ago by Yeet M.
45 votes

[1.187.205] No Tracers/Sound On Modded Turret While MP Client

Need More Information Meridius_IX Comments: 7 Reply 20 months ago by Meridius_IX
41 votes
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