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Helmetskin for Female Engineers seems broken.

Solved Rico Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by Keen S.
28 votes

DS view distance locked to 3km

Solved ShadowRaven Comments: 10 Reply 23 months ago by tommelom10
27 votes

Server crash when 2 ships collide with landing gears!

Won't Fix Yuri Comments: 9 Reply 9 months ago by Kateřina Č.
27 votes

Host has left the game in single player

Won't Fix Marc P. Comments: 21 Reply 3 months ago by QA K.
26 votes

Random freezing

Outdated Melcaleb Comments: 11 Reply 15 months ago by Darkness o.
26 votes

Remote Control disconnecting at docking/dedocking

Outdated Servitor Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by AJman14
25 votes
25 votes

Prefab .sbcb2 Generation - Laggy / Not Performant

Outdated Thraxus Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by David S.
25 votes

Ladder ending on Catwalk

Won't Fix Dereknor Comments: 6 Reply 10 months ago by Kateřina Č.
25 votes

Programmable Block Bug

Need More Information Squish Comments: 17 Reply 2 days ago by WesternGamer
25 votes

Lightning strikes underground

Reported – Awaiting fix Albert E. Comments: 4 Reply 40 days ago by Bradley J.
25 votes
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