[1.187] Large Structures Sinking Through Voxels (Collision Performance)

Raelsmar shared this bug 3 years ago

This issue was not present in the last two updates 1.85 and 1.86. Collision performance is severely negatively affected by this update for large structures in single player worlds.

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I have been told that one way to prevent this from affecting you, for the time being, is to pop a landing gear on the side of your grid if you have rover.

Also, grids start sinking one by one instead of all at once. I was driving my rover around Mars and we lost our front right tire to the earth then our middle left and so on to the sand. Eventually, we were being suspended by one wheel as we got sarlacc pitted into the abyss.

TLTR: Pls Fix



We had similar problems. Large truck with 4 wheel. First just one wheel gets stuck in ground and rubberbanding. Then sinking. Had to take apart everything and built a spaceship instead. The last few parts of the truck just flipped and sort of went inside the ground but making a big crater and getting destroyed in the process. Looked like a small black hole just ate my car. Never saw something like that :D