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Diagonal Timber, Loose Timber, and Workbenches

Submitted Teverant 1 day ago No Comments
1 vote

please add a fleshed-out AI opponents/neutrals npcs

Under Consideration Copycat80 Comments: 6 Reply 6 days ago by Rye B.
50 votes

[publictest] Machicolations and Ledges are still wrong

Submitted Thales M. Comments: 8 Reply 6 days ago by Rye B.
10 votes
15 votes

New UI sucks

Submitted REAL R. 2 weeks ago No Comments
1 vote


The Female Engineer is loading in without clothing on!

Submitted ibisgrunk Comments: 10 Reply 23 hours ago by Burstar
6 votes

Sound Issue in multiplayer DS

Submitted Shawn H. Comments: 1 Reply 1 day ago by Shawn H.
2 votes

Deconstruct problem

Submitted Erik S. Comments: 6 Reply 1 day ago by RALLAN
12 votes

Tool bar looses configuration

Submitted RALLAN Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Jim C.
2 votes