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Draft animals/ animal husbandry

Considered (Not Planned) Copycat80 Comments: 13 Reply 11 months ago by Kieran M.
70 votes

please add a fleshed-out AI opponents/neutrals npcs

Under Consideration Copycat80 Comments: 6 Reply 4 months ago by Rye B.
52 votes

Adding sounds to structurally instable constructions

Under Consideration Timm Comments: 3 Reply 8 months ago by Burstar
50 votes

Refund clay jars when crafting with Linseed Oil

Considered (Not Planned) Grant F. Comments: 12 Reply 7 months ago by Todd (.
47 votes

Use for super deep mines

Under Consideration Kaden G. Comments: 15 Reply 6 months ago by Loki T.
47 votes

Automation with Peasants

Submitted HelloGoodbye Comments: 6 Reply 7 months ago by Calvin
45 votes

Barbarian Camps and Types

Submitted József S. Comments: 4 Reply 13 months ago by Threule
31 votes

Gravel paths

Submitted Kaden G. Comments: 6 Reply 57 days ago by Joseph T.
28 votes

NPC Villages and Castles

Submitted Pescatore 14 months ago No Comments
28 votes

[Feature Request] Dangerous Animals

Submitted DonCDXX Comments: 5 Reply 8 months ago by Burstar
28 votes

Horses in ME

Submitted Jacob Comments: 5 Reply 7 months ago by A-Army
28 votes

Ladder & Wooden Angle Stairs

Submitted Thales M. Comments: 2 Reply 6 months ago by Lee C.
25 votes

A true vision for the game from the community (LONG)

Submitted Knowledge R. Comments: 8 Reply 5 months ago by Justin R.
22 votes

Search Bar for Crafting Menus

Submitted shad Comments: 4 Reply 7 months ago by C3ntron G.
21 votes

Possibility to sleep in bed (survival)

Submitted Dee M. Comments: 4 Reply 9 months ago by David C.
20 votes

Equippable Armor

Submitted Tas12321 Comments: 4 Reply 7 months ago by Josh W.
20 votes

Peasants-Troops-Specialists-Etc. (Meat Based Automation)

Submitted Pigeon Comments: 3 Reply 7 months ago by Jacob A.
19 votes
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