Barbarian Camps and Types

József Szabó shared this feedback 5 years ago

Come on Keen, give the solo players a bit of siege too ;)


There could be a few types of camps, depending from the biom. There could be large ones with stone towers or small ones with tent-like small block buildings. Building siege machines in solo is perfectly pointless, but would be amazing to have an actual purpose.


We need more variety in barbarian outlooks. The chainmail isn't going to keep poor fella warm in the North. Each biom should have its barbarian type. For example: In snowy areas, we should have warm coated barbarians, who are slower, die harder, but deal less damage, while in the desert we should have some Conan-like barbarians, who might die easier but would hit harder and move faster. For forest bioms, the current barbarians are just about perfect.

It would require lots of planning for each camp, because each camp would have different barbarians depending on the biom.

Having the barbarians spawn from "spawner beds" could be the way they populate the camp. They wouldn't leave the area of the camp, unless player-caused damage happens to it. There would be a fix amount of barbarians, let's say 20 for the large camp. After a barbarian dies, a new one will show up in 30 seconds from a bed. If multiple barbarians die, they can't respawn, unless there is a free bed to respawn from. Beds are "occupied" for 30 seconds after a barbarian respawned from it.

These camps shouldn't be placed on world start. They should appear over time, and if a cleaned camp still has an "X" amount of blocks left, and not occupied by a player, it should be repopulated after a few hours with all buildings completely intact again. If the camp is not suitable for repopulation, the new camp should appear somewhere else.

Camps should be marked on map, but their size and barbarian count shouldn't be disclosed on it.

If you agree, give it a thumbs up! If not, tell me what else would you like to see on the list to have your like as well.

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If this gets approved we might need a barbarian camp contest


Please Keen. We desperately need more of this kind of stuff.

Please also more wildlife, armour and weapons too.

Please. :(


Having barb camps also mean that if people want to trade they might have to go through dangerous lands, it will force interesting choices and make people think about the world around them. Necessity is the mother of invention.


And along with barbarian AI we could get some nice NPCs so our forts wont be so empty, recruiting them somehow (this would be hard to implement trying to not make them as slaves as possible)

Maybe we could imprison them and then "convince" them??


Drift Hunters. Show all your skills extreme driving and drifting burn rubber on the race track.

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