Rain as erosive to some blocks and fuel to farm & More gameplay reasons to build enclosed buildings

Thales shared this feedback 5 years ago

Why do we build roofs in game? Here is why:

1. To completely hide our stuff from thieves. But we can close top of our buildings with floor blocks as well. Also with sword we can destroy floor blocks and roofs easily. So this is not a major necessity for gameplay.

2. Aesthetics. This is a big reason but not for a gameplay.

Idea Starts Here:

This is an engineering game, roofs should have a real purpose: Protection from rain. How this would work? In my opinion all blocks needs a new feature called Erosion=Yes/No. And rain comes from sky to erode some blocks slowly. Erosion should be adjustable option in survival game settings.

Also farms should grow after they had rain at least once. This would also make in-house farms inoperative which is not realistic.

When rain comes, some blocks gets damaged (Erosion=Yes) due to rain erosion. Each rain period reduces 1% of these blocks' health. Some blocks have protection (Erosion=No) to rain erosion. And blocks under them are protected as well.

Large blocks which are immune to rain erosion:

- Roofs,

- Stone blocks

- Palisade blocks and wall-walks

- Stick fence

- Claim Blocks

- Windmill

- Large stockpiles

- Gates, Drawbridge, Portcullis

- Railing (?)

- King statue

- Wooden supports (?)

Large blocks which are immune to rain erosion and also protects blocks under it:

- Roofs

- Stone blocks (arches)

Small blocks which immune to rain erosion:

- Planks, timbers, diagonal timbers, round timbers

- Campfire

- Mill Stone (?)

- Harvester, Plow, Seeder

- Flags

- Brazier and torchs

- Catch blocks, hand crank wheel, rope drums, rope ends, wheel, rope torsion string, catapult bucket, projectiles, weight

- Sign blocks

- Windmill blade

- Skull

Notes: Also voxels should protect blocks from rain. If you build in a cave, these blocks don't need roofs to protect from rain. Farm in cave is not an option anymore as well. Also in desert region rain should be rare.

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I like the idea, but how to handle without water in the game?

Also you need a nice weather system...


It's not volumetric water. It's just a visual (and also sound) effect when weather rains and gameplay effect on blocks and farms.


I would prefer a chilling effect when you stand in rain that makes it harder to craft items together with a detrimental erosion/rotting effect on exposed food and furniture.


love your idea, I miss rain ingame. The erosion would add another level of immersion.


It could also put out crafting fires during rain, meaning you should build structures to house your cooking, terracotta, etc. to guarantee usability.


I feel like including voxels is what holds this suggestion back. If voxels could be ignored, and wouldn't contact with rain, then the implementation would be a hundred times easier. Cave farming isn't that common, and I don't see why people would do that. Voxels are key feature in ME and SE, but this is such a complex structure, that it would probably melt ANY PC at the moment if rain would contact them. Blocks on the other hand are quite easy to handle.

If you consider removing the voxel contact, I'm pretty sure it will get approved in a few weeks/months. This game needs weather and erosion is a good idea too.


There are so many things that would have made this game better, but I think a lot of depth was gimped in exchange for size when they included planets. Don't get me wrong- the planets are beautiful and it was wonderful to have them as a result of their development in SE; this however is what caused the development on AI peasants to go away and now increases the processing power required to do anything. I would have preferred a smaller map or even a much smaller planet but with a finer voxel grid as currently to me digging with shovels is pointless when it comes to flattening as I either get way too much dirt or nothing at all put on or taken out.

All this to say I like your idea but I think they bit off more than current technology could properly chew when they listened to the planet people's whining.

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