Better terraforming /street building tools for survival mode

Pescatore shared this feedback 5 years ago

We need better tools for terraforming!

It is a pain to use shovel and stacks in survival mode!

Please add into survival mode:

1. a easy tool for flattening and filling the terrain

2. a tool for street building (like the plow) where you can change the texture of terrain (for example cobbel stones)

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Having grass very slowly regrow over dirt voxels exposed to sky would be nice as well, or having a grass seed bag (or both). (There was a mod for it) to regrow grass in survival would be nice.

In all honesty I'd really like the ability to pick up, move and transplant saplings as well. I'd like to design a castle with a courtyard with trees growing in rows.


And please consider this: When we fill a space of dirt make it "touch" the stone walls. I have noticed when I terraform next to a wall, there a space between earth and the pre existent wall.


The street building tool would be fantastic, especially if it required that you had either stones (for cobble roads) or dirt to actually place the roads down


FAIL POST - shame on me

right post (if anyone is interested in) -


oh no my webbrowser just changed the suggestion hahahaha well that's a fail post. but i'd like to see it in medival and in space.

-Sincerly your Failposter


The very end of V .6 had me constructing footpaths/roads by placing small or large blocks respectively (then removing said blocks) in rows that would change existing terrain to the 'soil' matching roads which would connected up with in game roads beautifully. This feature now being gone, I hope to see an existing tool modified or a new tool created that allows 'terrain texture only' change to manufacture roads and clearings for a 'lived in' look to anything from a basic camp to a sprawling castle/settlement.

Also.......of all seeding that was added to the game one was missing that would be a simple yet grand edition: grass seeding.

A new tool could be manufactured such as a rake with options for different soil types for such a job.


It would be great to get a Tool to fill holes in Soace Engineers in Survival, the hole gameplay would be much better.

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