Mount's and Animal husbandry should be a must for a medieval survival.

damien aspin shared this feedback 5 years ago

I can imagine this has been brought up many times but I would like to add to the request for animal husbandry in the game. being able to tame horses to use as mounts would be much appreciated as the size of these planets are huge.

As its the medieval period there really should be an emphasis on farming animals and using them as workhorses. It was a big part of medieval life, I understand that the game focuses on engineering and architecture but it has a lot of sim features too and with some depth added the game would gain so much popularity. Example, life is feudal YO finally added horse and carts last year and a lot of older players came back, a lot of new players came as the update brought a lot of attention. Not only would so many of us ME players enjoy just these two features but it would also bring so much new custom.

Really hope that more emphasis on animals/mounts is something being worked on. Loving the game so far though as a builder.

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Mount and even being able to fight riding horse should be a basic priority of the game (like adding water and pieces of armor)


duplicate of and

Try to keep duplicates to a minimum and vote for the features that are already there as this will make it more likely that Keen will consider them :)

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