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shad shared this feedback 4 years ago

I often find myself wasting too much time in crafting menus (especially the workbench) because I simply cannot find the item I want to craft. This is getting even worse when using mods - the list is cluttered with stuff and the fact, that the list contains only symbols is not helping either.

I would love to see a search bar for these menus or even the option to list the craftable items as a list of words in alphabetical order, or both.

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An additional idea would be to add expandable tabs to the list i.e. for each modded or categories.


Popping this back to the top of the list. With this new design, I think this would work perfectly. Even if we could just hit a letter to go to that section of the list. Searching for the torch - hit 'T' and you're at the beginning of everything with t.

Thank you!


This, or at least a two column solution. I get repetitive strain disorder from all the scrolling.


Totally agree MorhuArtsInc. With the 0.7 update and the looooooooong list, it is getting annoying to scroll to the block with the letter Z...

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