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Ghost issue : Falling through planets/blocks

Need More Information Upside D. Comments: 196 Reply 24 days ago by Siliconpot
625 votes

Voxels Respawning During mining

Solved Sven R. Comments: 36 Reply 9 months ago by Jone M.
286 votes

Server not responding - Many unable to join Servers

Need More Information Kuroshi Comments: 82 Reply 2 months ago by Sneeakn
283 votes

Ship rubber bands back to ground/connector

Need More Information Matthew S. Comments: 195 Reply 12 months ago by Frigidman
227 votes
210 votes
167 votes

Room AirTightness does not respect IMyOxygenProvider

Need More Information Shane S. Comments: 11 Reply 10 months ago by QA K.
166 votes

[1.189] Server connection/loading bugged

Solved Kirill G. Comments: 10 Reply 2 years ago by Tim H.
164 votes

MyLaserAntenna's faulty LosTest()

Solved Shane S. Comments: 28 Reply 10 days ago by Frank v.
161 votes
147 votes

Pressurization not working properly

Need More Information Hans P. Comments: 123 Reply 3 months ago by bmark
139 votes

Character Sliding across grids

Need More Information Simon S. Comments: 37 Reply 2 months ago by /dev/null
123 votes

Block Groups disappearing when someone disconnects

Solved Jaakko M. Comments: 49 Reply 3 years ago by Euan W.
106 votes

MyXAudio2 Crashing to desktop

Need More Information Shane S. Comments: 5 Reply 9 months ago by Kateřina Č.
94 votes

Slippery Door Subparts 1.189.0

Solved Victor Z. Comments: 16 Reply 23 months ago by Taige A.
88 votes

SimDrop while using drills

Need More Information Karol P. Comments: 24 Reply 4 months ago by iX-9
84 votes

Build Planner middle-click unable to withdraw from connected inventories

Reported – Awaiting fix SurprisingEdge Comments: 22 Reply 2 months ago by Kham
84 votes
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