Regression: Hydrogen bug, thrusters on same conveyor network stop working when a single tank is lost

Muzzled shared this bug 2 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

This bug was fixed as of the warfare 2 update, but has since re-emerged as a regression. Previous post I made about this bug here:

Steps to reproduce;

Load an unmodified world in creative mode (for ease of testing, this works in survival).

1) Connect two hydrogen tanks with a conveyor.

2) Connect two hydrogen thrusters, one to each tank.

3) Observe them being functional.

4) Remove one of the tanks.

Depending on random chance (?) the thruster that was connected to the tank you removed will anomalously continue to function, or will cause the unrelated thruster to cease functioning. Attached are some screenshots showing the issue, a webm demonstrating the process, and the world file as a zip. It seems the entire hydrogen network will "choose" a particular hydrogen tank. If this tank is destroyed or removed the whole network will shut down until the grid is cut and pasted or the tank is replaced.

This issue scales up to larger ships, happens in survival, happens in single player, happens in multiplayer, happens on dedicated servers, happens after damage events with weapons, happens with modded weapons and thrusters. I appears to be triggered by using more than one port on the hydrogen tank. If you do not directly connect the hydrogen tanks via their resource ports the issue is more difficult to reproduce. You can use this bug to abuse hydrogen thrusters with hydrogen-at-a-distance if you're dedicated but its unlikely to be very useful.

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Hello, Muzzled,

thanks for letting us know.

Yes, you are right, Unfortunately this issue is back and from your files, I was able to reproduce it.

Did put this issue to our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Keen when will you expect, this to be fixet?. we still see the error.

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