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MyXAudio2 Crashing to desktop

In Progress Shane S. Comments: 4 Reply 7 months ago by Shane S.
92 votes

Mass doesn't recalculate on merging/connecting

Investigating slimeradio Comments: 12 Reply 5 months ago by Jonathan L.
89 votes

Slippery Door Subparts 1.189.0

Solved Victor Z. Comments: 16 Reply 3 months ago by Taige A.
87 votes

Ore per voxel volume ratio is broken

Solved Zvex Comments: 13 Reply 3 months ago by Keen S.
85 votes

Hotfix 195.024 Breaks Dedicated Servers

Solved Alex L. Comments: 53 Reply 2 months ago by Kateřina Č.
81 votes

Access Denied On faction members thrusters

Investigating Zane F. Comments: 15 Reply 13 days ago by Jani K.
79 votes

PvP gamebreaking glitch for griefing using unbuilt blocks

Investigating Udrakan M. Comments: 35 Reply 3 months ago by No T.
74 votes

Modded Turret Sounds, Still dead Post SE Full Release

Investigating Kreeg Comments: 2 Reply 19 months ago by Kreeg
73 votes

[Update 1.195] Drill / Mining Yields Reduced

Solved infsan Comments: 15 Reply 2 months ago by kreo
73 votes

Pressurization not working properly

Need More Information Hans P. Comments: 44 Reply 21 days ago by James W.
71 votes

SimDrop while using drills

In Progress Karol P. Comments: 13 Reply 39 hours ago by Matt w.
70 votes
67 votes

Multiplayer Server dumps you into Single Player when trying to join

Investigating SeliG Comments: 24 Reply 2 months ago by Adam O.
67 votes

Intel Graphics - Graphical Memory Leak

Investigating Jouster500 Comments: 59 Reply 12 months ago by Sydney H.
66 votes
66 votes

Dedicated Server, Exception while loading world:

Investigating john a. Comments: 66 Reply 3 months ago by XLent G.
65 votes

Cant repaint blocks

Not a Bug Taylor y. Comments: 23 Reply 3 months ago by
61 votes

Stuck in editor of programmable block

Investigating Michael B. Comments: 15 Reply 17 days ago by Brian R.
61 votes

Random Game Freeze since 1.194 Update

Investigating Flávio M. Comments: 37 Reply 4 months ago by Fryderyk F.
60 votes
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