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Cockpit LCDs

Completed domingo Comments: 46 Reply 2 years ago by Wanderer
249 votes

Smaller hydrogen tank block

Submitted Πέτρος Ψ. Comments: 43 Reply 10 months ago by Alterae
240 votes

I'll have to insist. We need water. Plain, simple water.

Submitted Salvador Comments: 39 Reply 3 days ago by Worny
237 votes

Save the Programmable Block ;)

Under Consideration the N. Comments: 32 Reply 4 months ago by spam b.
231 votes

Sell your old ships at the store.

Under Consideration Joe S. Comments: 23 Reply 33 days ago by Patrick H.
217 votes

Folders for Blueprints

Submitted Galactic S. Comments: 7 Reply 15 months ago by Gabe P.
216 votes

'Dirty' Camera lens makes using camera very difficult

Submitted Suicide N. Comments: 17 Reply 7 months ago by Menos W.
215 votes

Timer Block Improvements to replace PB that's moved to Experimental

Under Consideration Gwindalmir Comments: 30 Reply 34 days ago by James B.
209 votes

the current unrealistic Missile Impulse makes NPC combat unplayable

Under Consideration Nikolas M. Comments: 25 Reply 17 months ago by Nikolas M.
208 votes

Working Live Cameras on LCD Screen

Submitted Michael R. Comments: 6 Reply 13 months ago by ComZiz O.
208 votes

Implement the Paint Gun mod in vanilla

Submitted Vickie F. Comments: 9 Reply 8 months ago by Frigidman
199 votes

Set default ore sensor range to 100%

Submitted Guest Comments: 7 Reply 12 months ago by Valenorious
195 votes

A smaller battery for small grids

Completed Copycat80 Comments: 29 Reply 2 years ago by Alliguierg V.
190 votes

DLC decorative block interaction

Completed Geronimo553 Comments: 15 Reply 15 months ago by Jesper K.
181 votes

Medical Room Improvement (Survival): Cost to Respawn

Planned Burstar Comments: 37 Reply 2 months ago by K.Hunter
180 votes

Variable max travel speed

Under Consideration Mads O. Comments: 9 Reply 10 months ago by Michele F.
180 votes

Search Bar in Assembler

Under Consideration DonCDXX Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by All A.
176 votes
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