False Graphics card Overheat error

Eric Ledis shared this bug 5 years ago

Oftentimes when playing, The game will crash and a window will popup which will say " Graphics card has overheated or out of date". Meanwhile, the actual temperature is often lower than the limit, and nothing is wrong. This has been discussed by other players, though a bug report has not been made.

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Since this topic has been blasted throught the internet and MANY of the same problems of thread that have been opened here I ddo not think you guys are understanding the seriousness of this issue


I am getting this error... and seeing this error is going on a year old... is a bit concerning. Granted, I've only had the error more recently. (Played a hundred hours prior without ANY problems.)

Graphics driver is Geforce 441.87 GTX 970 SC OC.

Steam Verified game content as well.

I have an error report file attached supplied by the game.


Maybe this could help others? I don't remember if it was the same bug as mentioned here, but I also started having graphics errors crashing the game - only after changing the graphics settings for the game using "Nvidia Control Panel". I guess there are some setting that cannot be overridden from Nvidia.

After restoring the Nvidia graphics settings for Space Engineers the error stopped appearing and game was running good again.

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