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API additions needed for Shield Mods.

Archived Shane S. Comments: 148 Reply 2 years ago by John M.
1544 votes


Archived PhantomFury Comments: 85 Reply 5 months ago by ABCD
580 votes

Easy Inventory mod by default

Archived Prehistoricman Comments: 79 Reply 3 years ago by Gwindalmir
442 votes
440 votes

Power Cells - Bottles of Energy

Archived Duncan M. Comments: 71 Reply 18 months ago by ZarHakkar
346 votes

Keen add missing corner blocks

Archived Geronimo553 Comments: 28 Reply 18 months ago by RogueCmdr
333 votes

the crosshair should disappear when pressing TAB

Archived Guest Comments: 38 Reply 3 years ago by Pyrald L.
325 votes

Addition to mod API: Secured client requests.

Archived Foogs Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by QA K.
299 votes

'Dirty' Camera lens makes using camera very difficult

Archived Suicide N. Comments: 18 Reply 17 months ago by K.Hunter
272 votes

Smaller hydrogen tank block

Archived Πέτρος Ψ. Comments: 43 Reply 2 years ago by Alterae
239 votes

Becomes unresponsive, occurs quicker each time

Archived Declan K. Comments: 169 Reply 3 years ago by Sean
230 votes

Variable max travel speed

Archived Mads O. Comments: 11 Reply 15 months ago by Ellis B.
224 votes
210 votes

Search Bar in Assembler

Archived DonCDXX Comments: 5 Reply 4 years ago by All A.
200 votes

Rockets should inherit their launcher's velocity.

Archived Benokt Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by andersenman
195 votes

DLC decorative block interaction

Archived Geronimo553 Comments: 15 Reply 3 years ago by Jesper K.
183 votes

Increase Ore detector range

Archived Suicide N. Comments: 39 Reply 16 months ago by Suicide N.
182 votes

Hydrogen Engine

Archived Hay D. Comments: 25 Reply 3 years ago by Acynder I.
176 votes

Room AirTightness does not respect IMyOxygenProvider

Archived Shane S. Comments: 12 Reply 14 months ago by QA K.
171 votes
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