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Easy Inventory mod by default

Archived Prehistoricman Comments: 79 Reply 2 years ago by Gwindalmir
442 votes
440 votes

the crosshair should disappear when pressing TAB

Archived Wolf G. Comments: 38 Reply 2 years ago by Pyrald L.
325 votes

Addition to mod API: Secured client requests.

Archived Foogs Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by QA K.
299 votes

Smaller hydrogen tank block

Archived Πέτρος Ψ. Comments: 43 Reply 2 years ago by Alterae
239 votes

Becomes unresponsive, occurs quicker each time

Archived Declan K. Comments: 169 Reply 2 years ago by Sean
230 votes
210 votes

DLC decorative block interaction

Archived Geronimo553 Comments: 15 Reply 2 years ago by Jesper K.
183 votes

Post Update Particles are not properly disposed.

Archived Shane S. Comments: 11 Reply 2 years ago by Keen S.
167 votes

Smaller merge blocks for small grid

Archived posthy Comments: 11 Reply 17 months ago by Space E.
160 votes

please add weather to planets

Archived Shaun W. Comments: 36 Reply 2 years ago by Burstar
155 votes

Game Crash with grass enabled

Archived Frank B. Comments: 10 Reply 2 years ago by Frank B.
155 votes

LCD Performance

Archived SirHamsterAlot Comments: 4 Reply 3 years ago by Ondřej N.
152 votes
133 votes

glass for small ships

Archived Copycat80 Comments: 38 Reply 3 years ago by Husker54
128 votes
125 votes

False "No Fuel" warning and "0 sec" (with example)

Archived Martin G. Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by Keen S.
114 votes

Mass doesn't recalculate on merging/connecting

Archived slimeradio Comments: 18 Reply 19 months ago by leroy g.
96 votes

Faction Chat

Archived Warlord Comments: 9 Reply 15 months ago by Kirill G.
95 votes
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