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68 votes

Add layer-by-layer option for Projector block

Submitted AmazingSlab Comments: 7 Reply 16 months ago by Allen S.
68 votes

Please give us the missing armor corners!

Submitted NovaEngie Comments: 7 Reply 15 months ago by ethzero
68 votes

GPS Co-ords Into Folders

Submitted Generalfoxz Comments: 7 Reply 3 months ago by Pilot P.
67 votes

Intel Graphics - Graphical Memory Leak

Need More Information Jouster500 Comments: 61 Reply 3 months ago by Nikolas M.
67 votes
67 votes

Dedicated Server, Exception while loading world:

Investigating john a. Comments: 67 Reply 6 months ago by Pack R.
67 votes

particle.UserRadiusMultiplier is broken.

Solved bob s. Comments: 6 Reply 25 days ago by Keen S.
67 votes

Random wreck encounter

Submitted Monstertruck Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by cousin d.
66 votes

Police NPC faction in multiplayer to stop griefers

Considered (Not Planned) the N. Comments: 8 Reply 21 months ago by xPhoenixXx
66 votes
66 votes

GPS coordinates - Add folders/Custom color choices

Submitted oliXon Comments: 8 Reply 2 months ago by oliXon
66 votes

Search boxes for Spawn item/object menu.

Submitted Suicide N. Comments: 3 Reply 2 months ago by Suicide N.
65 votes

Laser Designation or Range Finders

Considered (Not Planned) CyberT7 Comments: 10 Reply 9 months ago by Jack W.
62 votes

A major planet overhaul with aerodynamic effects

Submitted Redover Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by Redover
61 votes

NPC Crew

Submitted DonCDXX Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by Duncan M.
60 votes
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