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Concrete blocks, not concrete voxels

Submitted Smokki Comments: 20 Reply 2 years ago by Alliguierg V.
139 votes

(airtight) docking-ports

Submitted Helmut H. Comments: 10 Reply 6 days ago by Michael H.
133 votes

Jump Drive

Submitted Rusted I. Comments: 22 Reply 5 months ago by Cypress
131 votes

Please add a "Remove Lightning Damage" Option

Submitted Serdar A. Comments: 26 Reply 27 days ago by David M.
130 votes

A way to find other players or grids in the vastness of Space

Considered (Not Planned) Radeth T. Comments: 43 Reply 2 months ago by xPhoenixXx
127 votes

Suction caused by decompression

Submitted adiamaq Comments: 19 Reply 2 years ago by Paul W.
126 votes

We need 29 Hydrogen engines to replace 1 large reactor....

Submitted Keks Comments: 89 Reply 16 months ago by Daniel S.
126 votes

Planet Overhaul and NPC ships on Planets

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by Ryukki
125 votes

Reject the Tech Tree idea or change it

Under Consideration Kuroshi Comments: 21 Reply 18 months ago by Zaphire D.
118 votes

Retractable landing gear

Submitted DanyBeerino Comments: 13 Reply 9 months ago by ApexAlphaGaming
117 votes

Character Sliding across grids

Need More Information Simon S. Comments: 35 Reply 13 months ago by Gage M.
116 votes

Pressurization not working properly

Need More Information Hans P. Comments: 110 Reply 47 days ago by kuroi_neko
116 votes

Add true joystick support

Under Consideration Odyssea &. Comments: 37 Reply 2 months ago by Eike
115 votes

safezones able to be invisible

Submitted Copycat80 Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by David
111 votes

More gas tank sizes (no new models needed!)

Submitted Digi Comments: 6 Reply 22 months ago by Pyrald L.
109 votes

Very large blocks

Considered (Not Planned) Alexander B. Comments: 15 Reply 12 months ago by Yllaina
108 votes
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