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More gas tank sizes (no new models needed!)

Submitted Digi Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by Pyrald L.
122 votes

Block suggestion: Door that becomes ramp when opened.

Under Consideration Vaidas M. Comments: 9 Reply 5 months ago by Chris
118 votes

Autoreplace DLC blocks for non-DLC people

Declined Akuukis Comments: 8 Reply 3 years ago by Erubian W.
118 votes

Block Groups disappearing when someone disconnects

Solved Jaakko M. Comments: 49 Reply 3 years ago by Euan W.
106 votes

Welder's flame tip should end at the crosshair

Submitted José P. Comments: 7 Reply 3 years ago by Jonathan D.
102 votes

Electrical cable or portable battery

Submitted Erik P. Comments: 7 Reply 2 years ago by Dylan I.
100 votes

Increase custom voxels limit

Under Consideration CptArthur Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by Logan R.
95 votes

Async compilation for scripts

Submitted SirHamsterAlot Comments: 3 Reply 13 months ago by error 4.
95 votes

Faction Chat

Completed Warlord Comments: 9 Reply 10 months ago by Kirill G.
95 votes

Build Planner middle-click unable to withdraw from connected inventories

Reported – Awaiting fix SurprisingEdge Comments: 24 Reply 2 months ago by CreeLoPer27
94 votes

MyXAudio2 Crashing to desktop

Won't Fix Shane S. Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by QA K.
94 votes

Thrusters should stop using fuel when speed limit is reached

Declined Guest Comments: 5 Reply 3 years ago by Engi
92 votes

Fix your explosion physics for Missile base weapons

Under Consideration Ryukki Comments: 5 Reply 4 months ago by Ryukki
91 votes
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