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[1.187.205] Memory leak with mining

Solved Leshrack P. Comments: 7 Reply 19 months ago by Yeet M.
45 votes

Make Gas tanks Universal

Submitted Kuroshi Comments: 5 Reply 18 months ago by Rex T.
45 votes

SimDrop while using drills

Need More Information Karol P. Comments: 3 Reply 2 days ago by Kateřina Č.
45 votes

Dynamic Turret Mgmt (aka optimize turrets plz)

Submitted [uRxP]DrChocolate Comments: 4 Reply 14 months ago by Jappards
44 votes

Inventory list needs better visuals and sorting

Submitted Monstertruck Comments: 7 Reply 21 days ago by Rex T.
44 votes

Modded Particle Atlas limited to 8192x8192

Submitted Eikester 23 months ago No Comments
44 votes

the nuclear reactor must be cooled

Submitted Micle Comments: 4 Reply 18 months ago by Ian L.
44 votes

Increase speed limit

Submitted Michele F. Comments: 6 Reply 4 months ago by Dylan I.
43 votes

Enhanced Toolbar

Submitted Warlord Comments: 6 Reply 2 months ago by qsek q.
43 votes

Include a world scarce resources

Planned Alliguierg V. Comments: 3 Reply 22 months ago by Nikolas M.
43 votes

Piston, Rotor and Merge Block hitbox update request

Under Consideration Roy2D2C Comments: 8 Reply 47 days ago by HelloGoodbye
43 votes

SE still running in steam after exit.

Investigating Beacon o. Comments: 8 Reply 4 months ago by Francis M.
43 votes

Sensor Option to Sense Air and Light

Submitted Aleliabro Comments: 4 Reply 14 months ago by Jappards
41 votes

[1.187.205] No Tracers/Sound On Modded Turret While MP Client

Need More Information Meridius_IX Comments: 7 Reply 17 months ago by Meridius_IX
41 votes

Make Merge Blocks store grid names

Submitted Jackattack Comments: 5 Reply 22 days ago by Yllaina
41 votes

Improved spawning of AI (sabiroids, wolves)

Submitted Smokki Comments: 4 Reply 16 months ago by Ryukki
40 votes
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