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A voxel addition tool for survival, like in ME, would help players to better form the land around them, and clean up unsightly terrain/asteroids.

I have had to fill in small divots with armor blocks where ships have fallen or a bush was that I didn't like far too many times. Not only would weird holes in the ground be fixable if this tool was added, but a new purpose for stone could also be created. Stone, or any voxel element I suppose, could be expended when adding voxels to the world.
I just want to bring new attention to this feature, it would be a great part of the survival overhaul.

This post can be marked as duplicate but please keen think about this feature, it would be awesome!

Please make it possible to create scenes like this in survival, without using admin tools and voxel hands:






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@KSW don't forget to check out this suggestion :)

its just for our low riders and survival aspects ;D

I mean, i just want to build a base like that in survival.


just in case anyone is looking for sth like discribed above there is a Soil Tool and a Concrete Tool which can fill out spaces.



Bump because I would really love some voxel tools to waste my gravel and build roads from voxels in survival.

It would make wheeled vehicles more viable, even if I had to build one to make the roads

There are some basic voxel tool mods but nothing to do fancy stuff.

There are some really good roads in the scenarios and in the warfare trailer and I still have no idea how to get those.

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