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slimeradio shared this bug 4 years ago

Gas generator power consumption doesn't depend on how much gas it produces.

Here is a small code rework, that will make it.

private static float ComputeRequiredPower(MyGasGenerator generator) {
    if (!generator.Enabled || !generator.IsFunctional) { return 0f; }
    var def = (MyOxygenGeneratorDefinition) generator.BlockDefinition;
    if (!MySession.Static.Settings.EnableOxygen && def.ProducedGases.TrueForAll(info => info.Id == generator.m_oxygenGasId)) { return 0f; }
    float max = 0;
    foreach (var gas in def.ProducedGases) {
        var output = generator.SourceComp.CurrentOutputByType(gas.Id);
        var maxOutput = generator.SourceComp.MaxOutputByType(gas.Id);
        var current = output / maxOutput;
        if (current > max) {
            max = current;
    return MathHelper.Lerp(def.StandbyPowerConsumption, def.OperationalPowerConsumption, max) * (generator as IMyGasGenerator).PowerConsumptionMultiplier;

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