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Gravity drives stopped working after 1.190

Solved Ekin D. Comments: 23 Reply 2 years ago by Sven R.
58 votes

Server Admin limits

Under Consideration Adam (. Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by Xero
57 votes

Adopt Conveyor Hinge Block Mod

Submitted Timuroslav Comments: 8 Reply 7 months ago by Timuroslav
57 votes

Better ore distribution in Asteroid clusters

Submitted AimusSage Comments: 14 Reply 16 months ago by Jonathan L.
56 votes

Enhanced Toolbar

Submitted Warlord Comments: 8 Reply 7 months ago by Jason B.
54 votes

Make the new temperature mechanic have visual effects

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 7 Reply 2 years ago by Magnus S.
54 votes

MergeBlock Server Crash v1.194.080

In Progress slimeradio 18 months ago No Comments
54 votes

The Community have to say...

Submitted Guest Comments: 56 Reply 5 months ago by Alexander L.
54 votes

Heat Management

Submitted domingo Comments: 7 Reply 2 years ago by Rene G.
53 votes

Distant light visibility

Submitted SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ 3 years ago No Comments
52 votes

Linux Dedicated Server Support

Considered (Not Planned) Noah S. Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by kill2die
52 votes

Oculus, Vive, Virtual Reality Support

Submitted Vivacious_Vii Comments: 18 Reply 6 months ago by minecez
52 votes

Vents don't attempt to pressurize rooms

Need More Information Graham N. Comments: 39 Reply 43 days ago by Tony
52 votes

Increase speed limit

Submitted Michele F. Comments: 6 Reply 18 months ago by Dylan I.
51 votes

Falling through blocks on ships/station

Solved Rhys R. Comments: 21 Reply 55 days ago by Vladimir J.
50 votes

Include a world scarce resources

Planned Alliguierg V. Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by Nikolas M.
50 votes

Piston, Rotor and Merge Block hitbox update request

Under Consideration Roy2D2C Comments: 8 Reply 15 months ago by HelloGoodbye
50 votes
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