Lightning rework

Petko021tv shared this feedback 16 months ago

Al-tho i understand lightning is brand new, i still think feedback is in order.

1. Lightning could be chilled out a bit? (see image below) at that amount it is breaking the immersion really hard.

2. lightning should start after the storm fades in, not right away.

3. sound effects and volume of lightning could be determined by distance.

4. it didn't do any damage to vehicles or anything

5. it kept non stop strikeing the base every time other would hit. Mabey make a chance when lightning happens for it to strike the base instead of it doing it always

6. Other than that it's great

Hope you find this usefull

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Holy cow, that is an absurd amount of lightning. I agree, it really needs to calm down.


I've been driven to install my first ever mod, to remove lightning damage. I realised that literally all I was doing was trying to keep up with lightning damage. All of my vehicles have, and require, an antenna, and of course these and various surrounding blocks were just getting remove, again and again, sometimes in my face, while I was completing repairs.

I don't mind the idea of occasionally having to deal with weather damage. I do mind the idea of continually having to deal with weather damage. Thunderstorms are a daily event, and lightning strikes on my builds happen several times in a storm. It's tiring.


Right. for the first time ever, today I hit ESC and shut the game out of pure frustration...

Got struck and killed by lightning 6 times in 20 minutes and another 6 times within that time span it just completely erased the structure I was laying out as grid. in the meantime I had to repair/rebuild my antennas an Spotlights I don`t know how often. And yes I have decoys in place, but the dang thing seems to mistake rotors for them. Inever actually saw it hit a decoy.


Did a little testing. Put four decoys on a pole, walked outside. lightning strikes me twice and kills me. Several of the decoys are spared. This is not how lightning is supposed to work.


I do love weather, but I totally agree there's need to do some tweaking in order to make it better.

I'm on Triton, and I haven't seen a single "day" without snow or haze/fog. At least once it should be clear.


Had to install mod to remove lightning damage after repeatedly getting struck by lightning even with decoys scattered all around my base. It seems to exclusively target players, even those who are offline in cryo pods.


Sorry to be blunt and potentially unhelpful, but here it is. I hate it... Enough said. It feels like I'm constantly under attack. And the damage it does to constructed blocks is crazy.

The weather effects look great but the lightning is obnoxious. at the very least, if Keen doesn't want to change it make the lightning feature optional.

Personally I think that for the feature to remain it should be modified to have only visual impact to game play. Or perhaps only impede electrical function, but cause no physical damage.


Lightning is WAY too homicidal. I got the game in June and was learning when I was truck 3x in a short time. Once it hit me, nearly destroyed my ship. Ok... So I gathered up some materials to repair. Got struck repairing the damage. Not OK... Got the no lightning damage mod (didn't know to enable it) got back in the game and was struck a third time!!! (Learned about subscribing and then enabling mods.)

As I write this I am playing in MP on an official keen server. I hid underground but my power went low so I risked going up to charge from my survival kit. You can see where this is going. Crrrrack! Struck by lightning. Storm is still going on and I need to charge again.

The probability of lightning striking the player is WAY too high. Please decrease by several orders of magnitude.

... I think it just destroyed my Refinery. (still hiding > 30 mins later) and scared the !@#% out of me.