Let us set the Default Assembler in the Production tab!

Bartłomiej Deczewski shared this feedback 3 years ago

Dear Keen Software,

The topic of the default assemblers is 4 years old now and I think that it might be the time to do something about it. It's a really irritating problem when using a multiple assembler system. At the moment player cannot set their own default assembler in the production tab because it automatically changes to seemengly a random one every time said player leaves the menu. This is really annoying and makes life unnecessary difficult forcing us to change the assembler we are using every time we order something for the production (and in this game... we do it a lot). Please, PLEASE do something about.

Note: That might not be a big problem with some systems because you can just change the master assemebler, but when you use a system with "dissassembler" (assembler that automatically disassembles things when a certain sorter is turned on) like me it becomes a huge issue.

Here's some ideas on how could you approach it:

1. Add a simple checkbox "default assembler" which will make the checked assembler show as first in the production tab.

2. There's no point 2. Just do point one. Please.

I hope I could help improve this awesome game by highlighting this problem.

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Keen: Or just sort that fricken menu Alphabetically like any sane person would expect it to be listed!


God yeah, I just tried to build a base with a complete production line and dedicated disassembler, and somehow my master assembler is always at the bottom of the production tab's list. What a mess. How is this list even constructed? If you wont let us customize it at least tell us how it is currently working.


We really needs this ! I also realized that the default assembler can change when you dock and dock ships having their own assembler, which made it a hell of a lot harder to properly set up a system


Surprised this is still an issue 20 months later, but I also think a default assembler option would be nice still.

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