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Hand drills still broken since Warfare 1 update

Solved Frigidman Comments: 13 Reply 17 days ago by Frigidman

Add a "Report Spam" button on this website.

Submitted Frigidman Comments: 9 Reply 7 months ago by andersenman

Welder/Grinder targeting has incorrect offset direction

Reported – Awaiting fix Frigidman Comments: 4 Reply 12 months ago by Frigidman

Turret idle movement on server for clients

Submitted Frigidman 14 months ago No Comments

Add FillLevel property to Hydrogen and Oxygen Bottle items

Submitted Frigidman Comments: 1 Reply 15 months ago by Aremes

Audio System is Atrocious (still)

Submitted Frigidman Comments: 4 Reply 3 months ago by andersenman