Welder/Grinder targeting has incorrect offset direction

Frigidman shared this bug 22 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

After always fighting to aim at and hit certain blocks with the welder and grinder, I figured something was up. Then after using the Paint Gun mod, and noticing it aims "perfectly" and hits targets reliably, I asked Digi about maybe fixing the Welder.

After looking into it, it was found that the aiming of a welder is coming down from forehead, instead of straight out. This causes odd hitbox contact:


Digi then mentioned:

MyCharacterWeaponPositionComponent.UpdateLogicalWeaponPosition() is where they set that starting position, LogicalPositionWorld.

They should use char.GetHeadMatrix() instead of the current stuff.

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Hello, Frigidman!

Thank you for reporting this. I appreciate the screenshot provided and the information which was a great help :)

I have successfully reproduced the issue and reported it internally.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department


This has gotten much worse with the latest update. Now, if you 'crouch', the offset is even higher above the head.... and with grinders and drills, you can crouch under blocks, trying to do things below/down ... and it instead damages/destroyed blocks above you.


Yeah, apparently it's because the game doesn't even recognize that you're crouching since the update, it's super annoying when trying to hand drill as well. Hopefully they'll fix both issues soon. I don't have too much hope though, skins have been bugging for as long as I can remember, and they're clearly aware of it, but nothing is happening in that regard.


Well the crouching thing seems to be fixed (mostly for guns).... but its still off for welders/grinders/drills. Mainly due to this odd aiming glitch.

For Grinders, its a real pain trying to target 'little' blocks laying around to grind them up. Crosshairs mean jack shit lol You have to move the mouse around and around till the block kind of highlights.

For Drills, its still a real nightmare digging "down"... even with crouch (and even after their hotfix). The range on a crouched drill combined with this out of head aiming oddity... makes for a very unpleasant experience hand drilling (which is something thats already not fun, so this only compounds it).

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