500t of 'locked ships' to base, creates constant roaring sound.

Frigidman shared this bug 3 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

This began to happen to us in our DS game world, where suddenly there is this horrendous roaring in our left hangar. We couldn't figure out what was going on, thought maybe a 'stuck drone' was in the voxel with its hydrogen thrusters at full (its what it sounds like). Nope! Not the issue.

After debugging and trying to repro this, I got it boiled down to this example world. A video of the example world with the noise in action: https://youtu.be/ZUA7EDA4Rhs


- Happens in solo, creative, or DS - The attached test world is a creative solo game.

- Doesnt matter what mods are installed - I reduced the mods to none, and it still happens, but my test world is using the BuildVision and BuildInfo mods for ease of locking/unlocking gears to test with. You can disable them and still get the effect.

- This test world provided, is a brand new clean start game.

- This test world is using 10 of a ship I had, where each weighs about 50t, and has a cockpit. This can happen with fewer heavier ships... or like 50 very lightweight ships.

- The locked ships must have at least one cockpit and a battery on (thrusters not a factor).

- All the ships in this example have their thrusters "off".

- The roaring sound can be heard up to like 200m away, then it drops off suddenly.

- In this test world I provided... simply walk up to the ship in the middle and lock its landing gear. If all ten of those ships are 'locked'... it will roar. If only 9 are locked, its normal.

This "roaring noise" has all but ruined our experience in our DS game. It was driving us mad last weekend when we started to have the problem. Took me a lot of trial n error and adding/deleting and moving things around to finally drill it down to this working example.

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Same problem here as documented above. This is so annoying and strange!


Additional information after more playing, and fiddling:

- Any subgrid attached (via rotor/hinge/piston) that is not of type "Station" contributes to the issue.

- At least one of the attached/locked grids has to have power 'on' (if everything goes dark, there is no roaring).

- Its very centered around reaching and going over 500,000kg of 'attached' mass. The Station mass or size has no affect on it, as the station could be 100kg, or 100t. As soon as one attached grid/ship pushes the combined attached mass over 500,000kg, roaring starts.

- The roaring sounds like the hydrogen thruster sound ...... yet in my attached test world, NOTHING has hydrogen.


Digging into it even more... I have located the actual audio wav file that is being used for the 'roaring' sound.


Now, if I simply remove that file, and copy the 'ArcShipLargeIdle3d.wav' named the same... in-game the roaring goes away.

So I dug around looking at sbcs, and found that its in the ShipSoundGroups.sbc, and defined under a "Large" ship, where the minimum weight is "500000". Ah ha!

So my guess here, is all these small connected ships, and subgrids on a STATION, are combining together and the game things all of those become one 'large ship' (even though there is a STATION in the middle of them all). Then this roaring sound begins wrongfully (they are NOT a large ship, they are a bunch of small ships and subgrids on a station).



Yep that's exactly what happens.

MyShipSoundComponent.CalculateShipCategory() uses int currentMass = m_shipGrid.GetCurrentMass(); which grabs mass from all connected grids no matter how they're linked (including connectors and LG), except static grids which don't get counted.

The ship sound should be limited to the ship, therefore the mass calculation should either only look at grids linked with Mechanical (rotors/pistons/wheels only), or if the MyCubeGridSystems is per grid, should only use its own mass, to avoid it stacking sounds for every single grid connected if they total over 500,000kg...


Hello, Engineers!

Thank you for such a detailed report, Frigidman, and other user's input :) I have successfully reproduced the issue and reported it internally.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department