Extremely loud sound of engines or thrusters

IdolwSzutrab7 shared this bug 2 years ago

I have strange bug with extremely loud sound of probably engines or thrusters.

I have reported this problem years ago on https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/sound-problem-with-engines-helmet.7393819/ and it was never resolved and it never had much interest.

I will try to put everything what I know on this problem in one compact list below:

  • It sounds like sound of engine or thrusters working idle and it is so extremely loud that I even cannot focus on game.
  • However it is not hearing by all the time.
  • If I remember exactly it is only coming from large and small ships. But I am not sure since this issue is extended in time.
  • I think this is always coming from center of the grid.
  • Some player answered me (that support on previous forum could not) that this sounds is located here \Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Audio\ARC\SHIP_SYS and could be named ArcShipLargeRunLoop3d.wav and ArcShipLargeRunLoop2d.wav I have tested it and when removed ArcShipLargeRunLoop3d.wav I have solved issue but only until next update. So this is only temporary resolve. I want to have permanent resolve.
  • I have same issue on two different computers so this is not my hardware issue.
  • But my friends does not have such issue. They never heard such sound. None of them.
  • I have noticed that I have same issue on gameplay' sound mode Arcade and Realistic.
  • No matter if I have mods turned off or I have clear empty world - issue is still on.

Below are few videos showing and explaining the issue (some of them are deleted already):

  1. https://youtu.be/sdY1R-2ep5A
  2. https://youtu.be/WH99iP-yJtw

I think that is all what I remember since this issue is extended in time.

Game is unplayable because of that.

For more information please visit my last topic (link above).

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My patience is at the lowest level ever known humanity. If it wasn't for your famous updates, I would have forgotten about this game a long time ago.


This issue still appears for me.


Our Earth base grid sounds like this since as far back as I can remember when I started playing with some friends. It became more apparent the more we expanded the base and connected more ships to it. I think each ship that is powered near the base adds up to the sound and becomes as bad as the videos posted above depict. I really can't stand how loud it is, not to mention that even disconnecting and depowering all connected ships doesn't stop the sound entirely around the base grid. It seems the base itself (the station grid) is making the sound as well. What is it even supposed to represent? It sounds like thrusters but it's different and even louder than the thruster sounds in some ways. I can't confirm yet, but I have reason to believe any powered grid with at least one cockpit/control seat on it makes this sound continuously (whether it's a ship or a station), regardless of whether it has any thrusters on or not.

Is this supposed to represent the "idle" sound of a powered grid? Because this is nonsense and incredibly annoying. Why am I supposed to be hearing a sound that makes me feel like I'm standing next to a turbofan airliner with its engines on, when there aren't even any thrusters on around me?!

And just to clarify, the sound I'm talking about is definitely this: \Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Audio\ARC\SHIP_SYS\ArcShipLargeRunLoop3d.wav

If you're looking for a clear demonstration of the problem, watch video #2 that the OP has posted (https://youtu.be/WH99iP-yJtw)