Option to allow scenario creators to make planets larger than 120KM in size.

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 3 years ago

While in creative mode designing my worlds and scenarios, I find that 120KM is the hard coded max limit of a planet. Well, I want larger. I understand that there's going to be performance problems on low end machines and large amounts of disk space used once the planet is heavily modified. So I have some options here that could work with this.

While in planet placing mode, add a checkbox and an input box below the slider. When checked, this will activate the input box instead of the slider, the slider will no longer function at all and be unusable. When unchecked, the input box will be greyed out, but it will still display the slider's value instead of where it used to show, above the slider.


When you check the box, first the game will pop up an orange warning screen. This will say "Warning!" "Planet sizes smaller, or larger than the slider's values may result in bizarre behavior not recommended for gameplay. Use planet sizes larger or smaller than the slider's values at your own risk."

After which, if you type in a value above 120km, the instant you click spawn, another warning will pop up, this time red. "Warning!!" "Planet sizes larger than 120km may result in high resource usage and high storage usage. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"

With these multiple warnings within the game, it will alert players to the fact that the action they are about to take may cause problems, and it will be on them to accept those potential consequences of those actions.

One more thing you can do, is when a world is created with a planet larger, or smaller than the min/max values, you add a tag to it when uploaded that will be invisible but will be displayed on the workshop page above the mod description: "Warning, this world contains planets smaller or larger than their recommended minimum/maximum values, and may cause unintended issues or high resource usage and high disk space usage."

That way, no one can accidentally download something that'd cause them problems. If you can't do that, you can make the tags public, with "SmallPlanet" and "LargePlanet" as the tags that will be the warnings. Perhaps you get a warning before loading a workshop world containing planets as such, a red warning before you load it up.

This way, you are completely, and entirely covered on all fronts while allowing people who have high end machines to generate planets as big as they feel like and deal with the consequences of those out of bounds planets. Much like people who still un-update the game to generate planets larger just so they can have one, only you'll no longer have to force people to re-download a 15 gig game multiple times so they can enjoy a planet thats larger than 120km.

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Space Engineers Toolbox now allows planet size editing, in this scenario Jupiter is over 4000KM in size;



Also want this feature in stock.


Looks as though feedback is often ignored. Even simple stuff like this which would take next to no work at all to do. xD