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84 votes

We need tracks

Under Consideration Thorsten S. Comments: 10 Reply 53 days ago by Hunny B.
84 votes

Include a world scarce resources

Planned Alliguierg V. Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by Nikolas M.
82 votes

NPC Crew

Considered (Not Planned) DonCDXX Comments: 8 Reply 4 years ago by Duncan M.
80 votes

Add toggle switch for drills' right-click ability in control panel

Under Consideration Tony F. Comments: 1 Reply 19 months ago by Liviu G.
80 votes

make small and large reactors on the same hotbar key

Completed Copycat80 Comments: 12 Reply 12 months ago by Dominik
79 votes

activate remote blocks with broadcasting + hotkeys to your hotbar

Under Consideration Steve S. Comments: 14 Reply 17 months ago by Dominic R.
78 votes

Hydrogen Engine Tank needs tank behaviour

Declined Darkheyr Comments: 27 Reply 4 years ago by Pyrald L.
78 votes

Better ore distribution in Asteroid clusters

Under Consideration AimusSage Comments: 14 Reply 3 years ago by Jonathan L.
73 votes

Laser Antenna Connection issues

Reported Crazy M. Comments: 64 Reply 18 months ago by Rhemmy
71 votes

Enhanced Toolbar

Submitted Warlord Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by Jason B.
70 votes

Suggestion for new Custom Turret Block

Completed David D. Comments: 3 Reply 20 months ago by andersenman
70 votes

Server Queue

Under Consideration CyberT7 Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by sc
69 votes

Sensor Option to Sense Air and Light

Considered (Not Planned) Aleliabro Comments: 5 Reply 5 months ago by Chris R.
69 votes
68 votes

Distant light visibility

Submitted SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ Comments: 1 Reply 18 months ago by Andy B.
67 votes
67 votes
66 votes

Particle effects for Hyperspace exit

Submitted CptSavarus Comments: 8 Reply 2 years ago by CptSavarus
65 votes
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