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"Set X" toolbar action that replaces "Increase X" and "Decrease X". When placing the Set X To action on the toolbar, it will prompt you with a number/text field, as programmable blocks do for their Run action. If this number begins with "++", e.g. "++500.15", then it will increment the slider value by that amount. If this number begins with "--", e.g. "--0.15", then it will decrement the slider value by that amount. Otherwise, a plain number, e.g. "-100.01" will set the slider value to that exact amount. Multiplying an existing value might also be desirable.

How this addresses some existing issues:

Pressing an Increase of Decrease command multiple times to reach a desired value: Unnecessary when you can set to the desired value directly.

Fine tuning values is not possible from the toolbar: It is possible when you have control over the size of increment used by your toolbar actions.

Automation via timer blocks: Vastly easier when you set desired values directly, and/or use increments you've defined.

Reset Velocity action on rotors sets to zero, recovering velocity not possible: Again, set your desired velocity without hassle.

Long lists of actions because every variable offers Increase and Decrease and sometimes Reset actions: Each variable only needs a single multi-purpose Set action, making lists considerably shorter. (But long lists are still possible.)

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I came here to post this exact request. Being able to do this without relying on a programmable block would be extremely helpful, given the issues surrounding it.

This implementation would satisfy a couple of related requests I saw:


I came here for this and for Visual programming. I think that this API would fit nicely w/ a visual programming tool also.

I found several tickets that could all be combined. I chose to comment on this one because it's the oldest I found.

Set Increment

In addition to "set to" for existing sliders or numeric inputs I think it would be helpful to have "set increment" which would make Increase/Decrease actions more useful.


This is still relevant and would solve significant issues in automating processes.

A great example is pistons in a printer that have to extend slowly at maybe (0.1 m/s) but can retract at full speed (-10 m/s). The increase/decrease action is insufficient because it changes the value by 1.

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