Toolbars - set instead of increase & decrease

Michel_0 shared this feedback 17 months ago

Hi there,

ever tried to set a specific value by a toolbar action? Like a rotor / piston speed / distance / limit / autopilot speed...?

All we got are those increase & decrease actions - we're not able to actually set a specific value. Those steps amost never match our application, roughly increase & decrease steps isn't enginneer-like. Engineers use precise values.

This is what this suggestion is about. Adding an value dialog box when putting a value set action on a toolbar - just like the dialog which opens when you put a programmable block run cation on a toolbar.

Sure you can use a programmable block to apply the desired value to the block and put the programmable block run on the toolbar - but on most servers programmable blocks are disabled.

Sure you can use a timer block to spam increase / decrease as often as you want it to actually get a desired value - but this sounds kind of unsafe and as said the step sizes mostly don't match your value.

Following screenshot should make it clear:


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I like this idea, but I'd suggest not getting rid of the increase/decrease options. Depending on what you're doing you might want to throttle up/down rather than just instantly setting a value. Having the option to either set the value or increase/decrease it would be the best solution.


I agree, while having a "set" function would be great, it shouldn't override increase/decrease. In fact, I'd really like to see increase/decrease steps changed to a logarithmic scale, so it starts with a tiny step and with every step the step size increases as well. This would make increase/decrease a lot more practical for all applications.