Allowing timer blocks to set accurate values on functional blocks

ChrisHiss shared this feedback 3 years ago

I study industrial automation programming where we use ladder and grafcet, and I enjoy using timer blocks for programming.

However, I have always been limited with not being able to set an accurate value in the action menu of a timer, like for example setting a speed of 0.2m/s on a group of pistons, and on the next timer, setting them to -5m/s

Obviously that would be possible for any blocks with sliders allowing to set speed, position, acceleration and other kind of values on various blocks (lights, hinges, warheads, rotors, thrusters...)

This feature would allow to make more advanced programs without programmable blocks, and I can imagine many uses in mechs, weapons, lighting management, industry, drones, etc...

Please consider this feedback

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Yeah, we definitely need this, but Keen are too busy making new content to sell, than fixing/altering existing content and making a more stable game.

I swear they're following EA and Bethesda's game plan.


I've been wanting this since I got the game years ago. It shouldn't be hard to implement either, I don't get why it is not in the game yet. Its stupid that you have to use scripts to do something this basic. Devs please read this post and do something about it!

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