Directional Ore Detector

domingo shared this feedback 3 years ago

It should be possible to scan for ores also directionally in cone, not just in globe.

I think the best thing would be to add new 'cone width' to Ore Detector.

If set to 360, it will function like current version. Max scan length should change according to volume scanned, thus narrow cones could scan much further.

Every layer of voxel should decrease effective scan range - thus it would be harder to detect deep ore on planets than exposed ore on far-away asteroid.

Also, if both cone width and scan depth are to be configurable, the detector should use proportional amount of power.

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I like this suggestion a lot- it solves the issue of increasing range at the expense of making it too easy to find ore.

Keen, get on it.


I imagine this idea is also sim speed friendly.


Would like to have a directional detector as a seperate unit. Even better would be a directional specialized one, detecting just some types of ore.


This would make Ore Detectors kind of work the same on Planets, but would make exploring Asteroids way easier!

I'm spending a lot of time in space, going from Asteroid to Asteroid, searching for Uranium and Platinum, and I'm kind of sick of it.

I usually have to search for multiple hours, before I find what I'm looking for (still not found any Uranium after 6+ hours of search in my current survival), and the worst is that it's relatively boring, and you can't seem to do anything to speed it up, or make it interesting.

A revamp on the Ore Detection system is required I think, to actually make it an interesting task to do, but this suggestion would help a lot, and would not increase the performance requirements.