Low Oxygen audible warning

domingo shared this feedback 23 months ago

I find it weird that SE has warning on low energy and low hydrogen (none of it is immediately dangerous), but no audible warning on low oxygen.

Having no oxygen is deadly. I've had several close calls due to it, fortunately I was near base to replenish it.

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Maybe even a hint to the player about closing the visor.

Lots of videos or streams on youtube where players have no clue why they are taking damage (sometimes even dying), even if they are carrying lots of oxygen bottles or just filled the suit. Make the hint appear if you have oxygen, but just not closed the visor.


It's like they just forgot about the oxygen when it comes to everything. When you enter a cockpit you can see your hydrogen, energy and even your weight but the single most important thing is missing. How much bloody oxygen do you have left in the tank!?