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Kruger_Doggie shared this feedback 11 months ago
Considered (Not Planned)

(I know it's possible with scripts. But it's for the players who can't program very well.)

It would be nice to have a light controller. This block should be able to do the following things:

  • There exsists the same settings as each lamp has
  • It is possible to activate/deactivate a setting (set/not set setting to lights)
  • The block has a list of connected lamps/groups (like the event controller)


When the block is activated (timer, player, sensor, event, ...), all settings that are activated are set for the connected lamps.

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Hi Kruger,

Thank you for contacting Keen Software House.

Could you give us some additional detail or clarity on this?

Currently, everything you have outlined here can be achieved with groups and button panels.



I know that it is possible to set some of the values via increase/decrease. The reason for the suggestion came from the idea of changing the color of the lights based on an event. With the pre-built ways in the game, I don't know any way to set the value to a specific values other than creating a script for it. So the idea were born, to create a way where the values can be set explicitly and then set with a button or through an event.

Based on this the new block would have the same settings as those for a lights. If a value in the 'new' block is changed, this initially has no direct influence on any light. So it would simply be a memory for any combination of values.

All options can be activated/deactivated. If deactivated, the value cannot be set by the user. They don't have any function in this condition.

The event controller supports a list where blocks can be added. In a modified form, this would also be part of this block, but only lights that belong to the grid can be selected.

When the block is activated, the stored values (only from activated values) are taken and set as the value for the connected lights.

For a connected light only of the values that are supported by the corresponding light type can be used (Example: 'rotation speed' is only supported by rotating lights).

Example when the block is used:

Let's say all options are disabled and I only activate the 3 values for the color channels.

In the first block I set them to R=255 G=0 B=0

In the second block I set them to R=0 G=255 B=0

(the colors here are just an example, any combination should be possible)

Now the block is executed (execute button in block, player activates sensor, ... (anything that can trigger an action))

If block one gets activated: all connected lights are set to R=255 G=0 B=0. The other values* aren't changed.

If block two gets activated: all connected lights are set to R=0 G=255 B=0. The other values* aren't changed.

*radius, falloff, intensity, offset, blink intervall, blink length, blink offset, rotation speed,... (do not know if I have forgotten anything)

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