Inventory dragging should show tooltip if you can't move to destination

Gwindalmir shared this feedback 4 years ago

On small grids, we have two conveyor sizes. I love this, as when you are mining you can keep your system compact, but you need to engineer your conveyor network for other cases.

However, we all know there is one problem with it: it's confusing!

"What fits through?" "Why I can't YYY item fit?"

For large grids, a related question: "Why can't a move YYY item?"

For small grids the problem is much more likely to happen, so players may be used to it.

However, on large grids, you may not be able to move an item from one spot to another, but don't know why.

I have a suggestion on how to make the conveyor system provide more feedback to the player:

In the inventory screen, if there's a problem when you try to drag items from one inventory container to another, the game should provide a tooltip on why the transfer cannot happen.

This could be such phrases as:

"Conveyor network cannot fit the item"

"Conveyor network is damaged to this destination"

"Sorter is blocking item"

In my mind, these messages would appear as a red tooltip in the inventory screen while you are dragging the item, though I'm sure there are other places to show it.

A second solution, which is for small grids:

Each item, in their standard tooltip, would have text indicating which conveyor size is required to move, ideally only while there are small grids connected to what you are interacting with.

Something like: "Item requires a large conveyor network on small ships"

UI Mockups provided by Digi.

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If you attempt to move an item from one inventory slot to quordle another and run into an issue, the game should provide you a tooltip explaining the situation.

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