Touchscreen functionality for LCDs

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 4 years ago

I would love to be able to use LCDs as touchscreens.

Just having buttons is really frustrating when you want to control different systems of your ship or station.

When you are able to use LCD's, you could design your own interactable displays even though, they would still function similar to buttons.

It would allow for a more realistic bridge crew gameplay.

I think Pulsar:The lost colony does a good job with its easy to use touchscreens.

Here is an example:

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Haha, just made my own post before i saw this!

i agree, this would add A LOT of feeling to the game, instead of clumsy game menus you can do all the settings in a specially handcrafted interactive menu! For example a reactor controlpanel with bars displaying usage percentages and uranium levels!

Link to my post:


This would be cool -- but it would be a whole new mechanic for the game -- and I'd be nervous about how far back this would put the game's release.

Besides, good UI is hard (just like writing good CS scripts is hard). Assuming that people playing this game are good at both of those might be a bit much, but I do love the idea.

Personally, I'd go with an embedded html / css / js rendering engine though, so that you could learn and use real development skills to design the UI, interactions, and calling of backend services (from the various functional blocks).


as a webdeveloper i wholeheartedly agree, much easier to design a beautiful interface using css! though i assume integrating JS into the whole thing might get strange, might be better to have the programmable blocks code have some "on click, on enter, on leave" etc event handlers and such.

i think it might be better to stick to one programming language, CS scripts might be hard, but thats what they have chosen as their programming language. so they should stick to having only one.

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