Ability to create your own scrollable block groups for the toolbar

Zoli K. shared this feedback 3 years ago


We all know the block groups wearing a + sign that contain a scrollable list of variants of a given item.

This idea is about creating the ability for the users to create their own block groups and add them to the toolbar.

For example I have a mod containing 20+ catwalk plate 'tiles'. Placing these individually on the toolbar would use 2 toolbar pages alone.

When such a block group is clicked on the toolbar the UI could display several icons vertically, too, in order to facilitate even more search effectiveness beside providing access via mouse scroll.

Possible implementation:

Add the ability to create own tabs in the tab list of the G-menu. Once tab created, users can drag and drop blocks onto the newly created tab. Then the tab can be drag and dropped onto a toolbar slot to add the blocks of the newly created tab as a custom scrollable block group.

Ability to re-order by drag and drop / delete (via right click) can also be added.

Ability to select more blocks and move/copy-paste them between the custom tabs can also be added.

Such a feature would provide very flexible grouping of blocks on the toolbar and a much higher amount of blocks possible on the 9 toolbar pages currently available.

Thanks for reading/support!

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Something like this really should have been in the last update.


Nice proposal. With the number of blocks slowly creeping up, we should either get larger groups of blocks (i.e. all power sources, every light armor block, all lighting) or simply a way to mix and match our own just like you described.

(It would also be nice if these groups were persistent between servers/worlds.)


This is really needed, with 'only' 81 toolbar shortcuts it is impossible to have all the essential blocks in them to build a whole ship without changing some by other who is tedious and in the end you don't know on which of the 9 tabs you put it and put it again on another tab :( Some work could be done by grouping more blocks like:

- Light Armor Corner 2x1x1 anf Light Armor Inv. Corner 2x1x1

- Small/Medium/Large Cargo

- Hydrogen/Oxygen Tank

- Corner Light, Interior Light, Spotlight

- Yield/Speed/Power Module

- Interior/Gatling/Missile Turret

- Welder, Grinder, Drill (ship blocks)

- Cockpit, Fighter Cockpit, Industrial Cockpit

- Window 1x1 Flat, Window 1x2 Flat, Window 2x3 Flat, Window 3x3 Flat

- Door, Sliding Door

- LCD Panel, Corner LCD Panel

Cargos and Tanks could event be in only 1 group if you feel it :)

And I would not go against putting ALL the Decorative Pack and Economy Delux Pack blocks each in its own groups as the blocks are related and not too many.