I Need more Interior, decoration block

KIM JONG MUN shared this feedback 4 years ago

We strive to make ships.

But the ship is simple every time.

I tried to think.

For a better design, the ship attaches meaningless blocks everywhere.

But it's awkward too.

so i need more armor,interior block

and meaning decoration block....

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Yep, we need more people to support this.

For a game where you build ships there is only very very BASIC armor and interior blocks.

The game is like 4 years old now and blocks are still basic.

Thank god we are getting some blocks in the next update but will not be enough to keep the game alive.

Would love to see another 30-50 blocks added to the vanilla. Sick of mods breaking i dont use em anymore.


I've been wishing this since I bought the game back in 2014. This (public test feedback) might just be a bit wrong section for asking more decorative bocks.


Yeah, more interior stuff, chairs, desks,. But mostly thinner interior walls. I understand that the exterior wall would be a 2,5 meters thick blob made of welded plates and grids but to have inner walls 2,5 meters thick is absurd.

Old castles have stone walls that thick or more. Even half block is still 1,25 meters thick which is still too much.

Interiror walls should be small block thickness or less, thats 0,5m .


Wall decorations

  • Switches
  • valves
  • pipes
  • gauges
  • exposed wires
  • random small monitors
  • vents
  • weird mechanisms
  • open panels
  • hanging tools
  • extingushers
  • anything you find in factory or a regular ship on walls

ANYTHING goes because curently ships look like crap. Empty boring blocks.

Also MORE decoration textures with nasa stuff materials like the texture that was given with Sparks of the Future.

this is what we should be going for.


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