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Mods Duplicating / Not Appearing

Archived Demonslayer Comments: 47 Reply 9 months ago by Virgil M.
42 votes

Add a colourblind option to the game

Archived Julia C. Comments: 5 Reply 22 months ago by Dan D.
41 votes
41 votes

Navigate blueprint list with arrow keys

Archived 12312312 Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by Filip D.
40 votes

Turret Idle movement set to off as default

Archived Constantine C. 22 months ago No Comments
38 votes

Workshop Thumbnails (Ingame Scripts) broken

Archived Taki7o 7. Comments: 18 Reply 22 months ago by Ondrej B.
38 votes

broken helmet and depressurization

Archived Micle Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by KaiiKiller
38 votes

Automaton Camera flip toggle

Archived Jason M. Comments: 3 Reply 7 months ago by Wolfgang H.
37 votes

XPath Patching - Modular Modding

Archived Vas V. Comments: 9 Reply 19 months ago by Vas V.
37 votes
37 votes

Didn't get free expansions for already downloaded DLC

Archived PÁRKÁNY Comments: 20 Reply 4 years ago by Baz Y.
36 votes

Ragdoll deaths

Archived Cheyne S. Comments: 6 Reply 4 years ago by József S.
36 votes

Mining yields way too low

Archived Scott H. Comments: 2 Reply 3 years ago by Keen S.
36 votes

cannot upload blueprint to steam workshop

Archived gary# 0. Comments: 30 Reply 2 years ago by QA K.
36 votes

Suggestion: Small Grid Sliding Doors

Archived Michał W. Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Michael M.
36 votes

Unable to join some servers - since 1.197.180

Archived Chris Comments: 59 Reply 15 months ago by Matthew
35 votes
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