Improved spawning of AI (sabiroids, wolves)

Smokki shared this feedback 5 years ago

Main problem with them is their spawning mechanic (constant waves), which makes them quite boring and more of an annoyance than interesting threat. They could be really fun part of the game with some spawning adjustments as well as an amazing tool for some epic scenarios.

I would propose the following:

1. Add some reason that causes the spawning:

-unknown signal mechanic could spawn enemy spawners around player base, causing growing enemy infestation unless taken care of

-ore rich areas and mining could attract enemies


2. Add spawner block that scenario creators could utilize:

-block that could be added in creative mode

-adjustable ammount of enemies to spawn

-adjustable criteria for spawning enemies (player proximity, triggerable)

-adjustable respawn time of enemies

-could spawn enemies in caves made by voxel tools as well as inside structures

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I have wanted something like this for a while. Vanilla wolves are fun but the constant attacks can very much make them a nuisance. The same with meteors, they happen so often that it creates disinterest. I like the spawning block idea, it could even be added to a section of the world creation. How many enemies can spawn and how often. It would be great to have a massive wave of sabiroids attack after a half hour or an hour all at once instead of 5 or 6 every 5 minutes.


I liked the idea that the emergence of aggressive NPCs should occur for a specific reason: there should be a chance of their spawning, since each time approaching the place of the appearance of the same wolves, it will be possible to guess that somewhere near there are minerals or something else.

Remove the loot from the NPC ... Finding 200-300 steel plates in a spider is quite nice ... and stupid. Such loot should be ONLY in mechanical NPCs and preferably in small quantities.


I agree that the spawning should be more interesting, but don't agree with removing loot from spiders and wolves. It's true that it makes very little sense, but if they didn't drop loot, there wouldn't be any reason left to have them on.


Interesting ideas but NPCs need to be fixed too. badly...

Please for the love of Clang Keen fix the animal npcs and make them interesting and fun again. A big issue I noticed is how dumb down they were compared to the 2015 NPCs. GIANT SPACE SPIDERS don't attack grids anymore if a player is hiding behind a wall, They use to path find through a base hunting a player if they had no doors and they use to run and ATTACK. Now they run at me but all I have to do is walk backwards and they dig into the ground.

I also miss cyberhounds because I don't killing wolves that have metal in their bellies... However you could just make exploding and not exploding cyberhounds a variable for modders to use on planets instead of removing content that SE direly needs.

I ported the ME planet a while back but it has a bigger "eco-system" than the solar system combine in SE. I make sure to update the planet animal spawn system when a new NPC mod is released. I enjoy having more than 1 species on a planet with a big difference between night and day.

Just please update the NPCs AI and add more for modders to play with.


Why are there wolves in space anyhow? Why not some kind of alien life forms? Also, random spawning makes no sense when you try to fit it over the other aspects of the 'natural' portions of the game. Any life form should have a biome it exists in, and not be prone to just randomly pop up any place a player is.

Personally, I find it hilarious that wolves also come packed with various random hardware/components.

Makes them [as one youtuber says] "cyborgs, or robots"....

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