New system for spawning Respawn Pods

Foogs shared this feedback 5 years ago

My vision based on feedback.

I will try to express and summarize all the ideas that the community proposed in concrete actions.

We have a many different servers and they want use different spawn systems. Then..

Let's give them the choice of what kind of behavior they need, someone needs a different distribution, someone else needs spawn at point with little random, and someone wants a rover spawn on specific planet!

Tech details:

Move all spawn options to the RespawnShips.sbc


Then add new options to the RespawnShips.sbc


and add some popular behaviors to the list.

  1. RandomPlanetAtmo -new keen system(finds random planet with atmo)uses MinimalAirDensity.
  2. RandomPlanetNoAtmo -new keen system(finds random planet without atmo)uses altitude.
  3. PlanetAtPoint - old keen system(finds any closest planet and spawn at random position with given altitude )
  4. PlanetAtPointAtmo - new system(finds any closest planet with atmo)uses MinimalAirDensity and altitude!
  5. RandomAsteroid - new system(finds any free asteroid (asteroid should biggest than some minimal size))
  6. RandomAsteroidAtPoint - new system(finds any free asteroid at the given point,uses Random min/max (asteroid should biggest than some minimal size))
  7. RandomAtPoint - new system(spawn randomly at point)
  8. WholeUniverse - classical random spawn
  9. GroundSpawn - new system(find planet at point finds flat place and spawn rover here and then attach a pilot).

List of current options and what need to be changed:

  1. int Cooldown - without changes.
  2. bool UseForSpace - delete it, useless;
  3. float MinimalAirDensity - used only for RandomPlanetAtmo.
  4. float PlanetDeployAltitude - used for all PlanetSpawns. And fix thing when im set 100Km altitude and game cant find planet(u have some altitude restrictions in code?)
  5. bool UseForPlanetsWithAtmosphere - delete it,useless.
  6. bool UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere - delete it,useless.
  7. Vector3 InitialLinearVelocity - used for all spawns without rover.
  8. Vector3 InitialAngularVelocity - used for all spawns without rover.
  9. bool SpawnWithDefaultItems - good thing useful.keep.
  10. string HelpTextLocalizationId - useful thing if u add modding support to Localization strings. if not - useless.
  11. float PlanetSpawnHeightRatio - delete it, use PlanetDeployAltitude instead.
  12. PositionAndOrientation - delete it becouse we dont need a Forward and Up things.

New options:

  1. string SpawnBehavior - spawn behaviors.
  2. Vector3 Position - new thing use this instead PositionAndOrientation. Because when spawn game will decide what orientation ship need for chosen behavior.
  3. float RandomDistanceMin - (optional if not set Min = 0)for any random behaviors. (in meters);
  4. float RandomDistanceMax - (optional if not set max = world size)for any random behaviors.

Server admin configure this file onсe.

Ps.[To keen] if u implement this fell free to add some additional variables to config.And make guide for all behaviors.And then see a happiness around u.Otherwise, we will have to create a plugin for torch, and a few more admins will make their choice.

Other ppl , see u in comments!

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The spawn system is including the gameplay type!

I think the gameplay type is on a higher proiry than possible spawnpositions.

please take a few steps back to get the overview:

We can now see the gameplay type also include the sources of the resources.

StartShipResources, unknown Signals, Asteroits, Planetary resource situation, and at last the loot: PVE ships/drones or PirateVersusPlayer .

(and dont guess the players who are playing the whole month or only 1 day on a server)

I know this topic is only about the playerspawn- but its important when you dont want to waste your potential with the updates and minds anytime soon.

Iam not finished here . . ive realized: I will need more days to create the textfield for you all.

Thank you for your patience


pls fix


Broke AF right now.

As it is now, spawning near other players, I can find your base. It doesn't matter the spawn distance.

The fact that it allows you to spawn on the same player multiple times and create multiple points of reference is enough. If you know the spawn distance from players it's super easy but even that is not required. Hell if I can make 20 reference points all I have to do is go to the damn center and don't even have to math.


I happen to have a few problems with this feedback that bother me and make it hard for me to want to click the thumbs up.

Also.... Eew, you display spaces and line breaks in your N++? xD


Random would be a nice option to have, yes, but it shouldn't be forced. Right now the game lists all the planets that meet the criteria of the spawn ship. Which is good, it lets you choose where you wish to spawn.

You should instead allow a ship to be set as <RandomOnly>bool, and have KeenSWH add a "random" button that players can click that activates the random spawn that places it within a random spawn area that meets the criteria of your chosen spawn ship.


Random Asteroid is a decent idea, probably hard to do though considering that asteroids are procedurally generated and you might end up inside one.

Ground Spawn would be useless, you define your ship's spawn altitude with <PlanetDeployAltitude>. This lets you define if your ship is a rover and spawns close to the ground or not. If it is a rover, choose a value of 5-10. If its a drop ship, 500+.


You are right that UseForSpace, With and Without Atmo are also useless. They should just use Min and Max air density among other options.


After one week iam back . . . ive didnt got a great aswere to this question its like playing chess . . . cause I think Space Engineers isnt in alpha . . .

Its not only the question where you spawn, its also a question how you can spawn. The Last Update changes the world with a great step. But its not the end of the stairs. Its too coplex, also only for this thread. But to answere your question in this Version of Space Engineers:

- we need a option to enable the old spawn system for the players with their own server conception (and thats not the full answere)

-the current spawnsystem is also ok but its not really a gamemode. It doest really differ from the beta version thinking. The exploration is only for new players. The most factions are only filled with 5 players and dindt have enought interactions with other players, faction or the world. after the base is finished the game is end for the faction . . . mostly feeling boring or from the own structures sucked with a inspiration blockade. I often compare the situations in the world with the impulses of music, and space engineers still have room to add sounds or colors in many places without causing any overabundance

My best answere after ive delted my conceptions here : I do not support a half base of thinking -

On the first day god creates the world. On the second day god creates the human.

Keen House please contact me if you want to have a large update-conception. I need a job and if you want to see Space engineers on the first position of all space games than we have the same passion. (troubleshooting = past, biomechanic user experience=presence, and Ideas and Ispirations for the future)



We added more options to RespawnShips.sbc with the latest minor (1.190.1).


Would those be similar to what I posted a while back?

Suggestions like this one that you responded to still only focus on limiting respawn options to a single map or a single mod use. I want a more useful respawn system that lets me design ships that can respawn randomly based on specific parameters. I don't want a respawn for each and every single detected planet, I want certain planets to be removed from the respawn list. Its game breaking when players can spawn on Jupiter and drive around at 24G because the game refuses to let me rule it out as a spawn location.

Shame I'm not popular enough to get many votes on my thread, I really hoped you guys would have seen it when considering all the possibilities for new options for Respawn Ships. :/


The space respawn system is still a problem by default. If you spawn in a space pod, it takes only slightly longer to find someone (vs the space respawn triangulation method of 1.189), because you always spawn next to someone, you simply have to travel in a straight line and look for the "streaming" icon. Then change direction until it shows up again as you travel around the your spawn point and search around, it is quite easy to locate unsuspecting players and their grids. I have found at least three people in 10-15 minutes using a single space pod...and it only gets better from there.

...when i crashed the ship and died, the new space pod spawned within 5 kilometers of the first. I was able to spawn at least four ships only a short 2-6km jaunt from the "enemy" grid that I located. The fundamental issues of spawning "next to" ENEMY players is totally asinine, so why is it the default setting for vanilla servers?

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