[1.187.205] Memory leak with mining

Leshrack Planeswalker shared this bug 3 years ago


Stumbled on what appears to be a memory leak which happens during mining. On our dedicated 1 member built and automated mine which is mostly miners, pistons and a rotor that makes big holes over a long period of time. Problem is while it is active memory usage increases by a few MB every few seconds and is never freed.

After which we tried to rule out some mods but ultimately i managed to reproduce it in a fresh easy start earth world on single player without any mods.

Reproduction Rate: 2 / 2

Affected Version: 1.187.205

Reproduction steps:

1. Start new world (easy earth start)

2. Hop into the prefab mining ship

3. Start mining the ground

4. Observe in task manager memory usage grows while the drills are deforming ground (at a rate of about 1MB every few seconds and higher)

5. Observe said memory usage never recovers to pre mining levels after stopping

Observed behavior: Memory leak

Expected behavior:

Any potentially used memory in mining action should be freed at some point.

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Seems like i missed https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/memory-leak-when-mining-with-ship-mining-drills which seems to detail the same issue with a different steps for reproduction


Sadly this issue has been around for 2-3 months already and has so far been successfully been ignored by Keen. It has also been reported 3 or 4 times. When mining with big ships this is really gamebreaking as your game crashes every few minutes.

I just don't get why they ignore it, to my understanding this should be an easy to fix bug. Anyways at least tell us that you're working on it.

These are the duplicated I could find so far:





Thank you very much for your feedback guys. The issue is reported for some time already and is in the pipeline. Your feedback is very important for us to make the game better. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Any updates on when this might be fixed?


no, keen likes copy/pasting ships and crashing them in a mock fight - that does not need mining, so no priority

actual building/mining gameplay is only a side effect that does not deserve much priority


Same issue for me this last patch, totally unplayable scince the patch :(


Still a huge problem, still not fixed, how is this not high priority? You literally can't mine without restarting the WHOLE GAME every 10 minutes or less if you have a big enough mining ship. Leaving the world or quick loading world doesn't clear RAM, have to exit the game completely.

It's been known for a lonnnng time now, geez.