Misaligned Voxel exceeded 100k km distance from center

RetroLogi shared this bug 8 months ago

Video Description: https://streamable.com/s26c7

Problem Description : When a player undermines using the manual drill, voxels spawn away from the player, this happens when the planet is positioned at a distance greater than 100.000 km from center. Projectors are also misaligned compared to the grids.

Test: I did several tests on Vanilla Planets, Modded Planets, Fresh Server, Torch Instance, with mod or without.

The problem continues to present itself.

If you need log, config, access to test server etc... just ask

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Reproducing this is quite easy: in single player , new empty world just spectate to 5.000km from center.

Placing a small grid projector gives you a small offset (about 0.1/0.2 meters).

Moving further away from center, let's say 50.000km or more with the same projector gives you an offset of many blocks, (about 1/2 meters).

Doing this with a non static grid gives you the idea.

Attached screenshot at 0 / 5.000km / 50.000km from center examples. Same grid. Just note the "Distance from center" on the right.

Same happens to ore dropped by hand drill while on planets.


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