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Rockets should inherit their launcher's velocity.

Submitted Benokt Comments: 17 Reply 33 days ago by andersenman
170 votes

Faction mates need to be able to paint the same grid

Submitted Slye_Fox Comments: 11 Reply 4 months ago by Anthony G.
167 votes
164 votes

Increase Ore detector range

Submitted Suicide N. Comments: 35 Reply 3 months ago by Sich
162 votes

Smaller merge blocks for small grid

Completed posthy Comments: 11 Reply 35 days ago by Space E.
161 votes
161 votes

Long Range Radar

Considered (Not Planned) Warlord Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by Warlord
159 votes

Hydrogen Engine

Under Consideration Hay D. Comments: 25 Reply 20 months ago by Acynder I.
159 votes

Experimental Mode Improvements

Completed Jimmacle Comments: 28 Reply 2 years ago by Pounce P.
156 votes

Live Camera Feed To LCD Screens!

Submitted Ákos G. Comments: 7 Reply 13 months ago by ComZiz O.
147 votes

Concrete blocks, not concrete voxels

Submitted Smokki Comments: 20 Reply 2 years ago by Alliguierg V.
139 votes

(airtight) docking-ports

Submitted Helmut H. Comments: 10 Reply 16 hours ago by Michael H.
133 votes

Jump Drive

Submitted Rusted I. Comments: 22 Reply 5 months ago by Cypress
131 votes

Please add a "Remove Lightning Damage" Option

Submitted Serdar A. Comments: 26 Reply 21 days ago by David M.
130 votes

A way to find other players or grids in the vastness of Space

Considered (Not Planned) Radeth T. Comments: 43 Reply 2 months ago by xPhoenixXx
127 votes

We need 29 Hydrogen engines to replace 1 large reactor....

Submitted Keks Comments: 89 Reply 16 months ago by Daniel S.
126 votes

Planet Overhaul and NPC ships on Planets

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by Ryukki
125 votes

Suction caused by decompression

Submitted adiamaq Comments: 19 Reply 2 years ago by Paul W.
125 votes
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