Async compilation for scripts

SirHamsterAlot shared this feedback 2 years ago

So recently i noticed when welding up missiles on my ship that it would be very *very* slow and i wondered why. Example video (the missiles have programmable blocks on them)

I then took the visual studio Profiler and profiled while the lag was happening, as you can see the results look alot like it the Programmable block compilation would be at fault.


After having a little discussion about it in the KSH Discord with malware it seems like it would be a reasonable option to have the compilation happen async. This would have a number of upsides, the biggest one being that the server/game will no longer come to a near halt when compiling a programmable block.

One of the biggest downsides would be that when the world loads autominers for example could find themselves having problems as they wouldnt have loaded in yet. This problem could be solved fairly easily though by making the PB's compile Synchronously on game load.

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Total and absolutely agree. This feature should be implemented beyond that not many end users understand what improvements will bring not being something more "visual" but should definitely should be changed


For what it's worth, I am very grateful for your dedication and investigative efforts; clicking the Like button feels painfully underappreciative. I can only sincerely hope that it bears rich fruit in the form of improved game performance and customer satisfaction with the responsible product managers and team.


Why bother making somethingh that players want when you can just add more toilets and other blocks with no function.