Allow Doors to have their own built -in Sensor, Smart Features

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Even toilets flush for you in 2019. Everything is smart. Sensors should be sensors. Doors should have built-in sensors that you can set up sort of like regular sensors. Shorter range and built just for that door ONLY. The range should be short and to the point. Also, there should be an auto-close feature you can enable/disable. Of course you can always uncheck the "use door sensor" button and used a standard sensor for more complex needs.


It will no longer require another block to provide that function.

Sensor Alignment issues become fairly non-existent.

Finding that perfect place for a sensor is no longer a battle.

No more need to trigger a door closure with a timer or sensor.

Every Walmart door comes with one already.

AND!!! Sensors will no longer be thought of as door sensors.

While the range of sensors is too short for many great and practical applications it at least makes one question their existence and therefore to not see them as door sensors anymore. You may see increased application for other uses.


Not being implemented. It just makes sense all around (to me).

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Yes. This would go well with the idea that functional blocks in general should have some capacity for scripting instead of being monolithic, unmodifiable black-boxes.

(As a simple example, a button, instead of being a dumb signal sender, action performer, or what-have-you block, could have its trigger function exposed with a default (auto-generated?) script that the user could edit as needed to trigger more than just one function, and do so with a delay, a condition check, a loop …)



Well yes, this game is supposed to take place around 2070 or something.You would think that doors, which have a single purpose already, wouldn't need a separate sensor outside the door itself in order to detect something.


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