[Feature Request] Cables & Winches

Anne Ominous shared this feedback 4 years ago

I would really love to see cables added to the games, similar to the ropes in Medieval Engineers. The ability to build things like cranes, drop ships that can winch down a rover, rovers that can pull other rovers outta ditches, to link vehicles flexibly. Things like cable cars and elevators too. They could possibly have varients like power cables and gas hoses to recharge/refuel vehicles. For instance, if my rover that runs on hydrogen runs out of fuel I either have to attach a solar panel or reactor to jump-start the process of hydrogen production but the ability to attach a hose directly could do the same thing. It would allow us to build refuelling stations or fuel tankers similar to their real-life counterparts. For stability, there could be a length and tensile strength restriction.

I know a feature like this would be fairly popular amongst the community as we can kind of create this effect with rotors but then we are talking many many subgrids which decrease stability and incurs the wrath of Klang, I myself have tried this with the help of ingame scripts but the lag caused by that many calculations render the game unplayable

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If you don't want to implement the feature yourselves are you able to expose parts of the API to allow modders to implement this feature? This is a feature I would pay for <3


YES. This would be amazing, and open so many possibilities for so many things.


Not having a reliable way to lift/tow/connect objects is so laborious and unfun that it compelled me to register an account here just to agree with this suggestion. Please reconsider!


I've wanted cables and winches since the first release of the game!

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